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Not sure I agree that there is too much reverb, you just need to tweek the parameters a bit so that it doesn't distort. Then again, I am an above average fan of reverb! Maybe filter out some of the higher frequencies, play around with the EQ. Loops don't have to be short pieces, develop the piece a bit so that you get a little more variation

The idea is good, and difficult to pull off. I think you could go even a little bit more crazy with expressing stress, if you lose the sense of a clear rhythm this might be more clear. But when you start getting closer to order add some syncopation, the semiotic meaning of syncopation in classical music is in fact stress! You might want to put the piece in a different category, I would not classify this as Easy Listening - Classical. Maybe more in the experimental section ;)

Very nice and atmospheric. I would maybe add some gain or something to make the piano part a little richer, because that can really enhance this piece. And maybe some reverb to add om overtones instead of the full stops you have some places. The meditative quality gets a little interrupted with the full stops at 0:39 and 2:01. Would've given you a 4/5, but the sudden texture change in the last minute ruined the chilled feel to this piece imo.

There is a lot of potential in your piece, there is enough material here for several pieces in fact. There are so many changes in texture, if you develop each section you can end up with either one very long piece, or several decent size pieces. In my opinion, the high note flourishes become a little too much sometimes, it just seems a bit rushed with the switching between sextuplets and triplets. It could work, but I would maybe stick with one pattern for a longer period of time. The accompanying figures seems to favour a more simple, expressive melody. I am a sucker for rich harmonies, and you do have some good progressions. A modulation would add some more flavour to the overall feel of the piece, e.g modulation up a semi-tone to create an intensive build-up, or maybe down a minor third to give a more haunting, horror-movie sound. This is of course just my, hopefully constructive opinion, at the end of the day it is your own opinion that is the most important one. But overall a nice sounding piece of music, well done.

Azhthar responds:

Thanks a lot! Detailed reviews like this are always welcome ;) I know that I could´ve made a longer piece out of this one but actually I see it more as an exercise of some sort. I just had a free afternoon and was in the mood to do a piano piece and play around with some chord progressions. Glad that you like the harmonies and I think all this piece is more or less about harmony, since it doesn´t really have a melody, because it should be more ambiental. Actually for the harmonies I studied some of Phillip Glass´s music. He has really great chord progressions if he doesn´t use his fingerprint 1-6-3-... progressions (which I also used here ;). Yep, a modulation often would add some flavour but the piece was already so short... I think the transition from the triplets to the sextuplets (which are actually semi- and demisemiquavers in a 3/4 measure but maybe it´s accentuated a bit wrong) is okay but you´re definitely right that I overused the part with the broad sextuplet arpeggios because it´s definitely too long... So thanks again for the detailed review and I have some things to think about when I do my next piece in this style (or decide to extend this one ;)

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