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I would put this under parody, since the audio is from South Park, and the animation setting is similar to the South Park scene this is taken from. But you are risking copyright issues with this, because you are not bringing anything new to the table, other than your own animation. If you want to do stuff like this you should probably edit different audios with each other, and set the scene in a different way from the original scene.

Probably the dream of most gamers, having Samus strip for you. And I have always suspected Mario to be a little bit extra pervy. But other than the perv factor, there is not much else to this clip, more like a vine that would get a lot of likes on Facebook

Have to admit I did not really get the ending. But it was still quite funny, it was effective using only one voice actor. Maybe an even thicker accent would add some comic effect

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Simple and entertaining, some quirky music might help highten the gameplay a little. I enjoyed the references between putts, but game would be more authentic 80s if you stick with 80s references.

Don't really get the message this is trying to convey. The screaming and the music do not compliment each other, and being a big fan of Rachmaninoff this was just disturbing to me. I will give you half a star, just because I stopped pressing the e key, and listened to the piece

Melvinsgamefountain responds:

tell me do you know why i made this?
there is nothing more disturbing than the truth and this will happen to you one day ,and i to am i fan of Rachmaninoff this game compliments this piece of music entirely,but you did press the e key more than once your human just like everybody else

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Not sure I agree that there is too much reverb, you just need to tweek the parameters a bit so that it doesn't distort. Then again, I am an above average fan of reverb! Maybe filter out some of the higher frequencies, play around with the EQ. Loops don't have to be short pieces, develop the piece a bit so that you get a little more variation

The idea is good, and difficult to pull off. I think you could go even a little bit more crazy with expressing stress, if you lose the sense of a clear rhythm this might be more clear. But when you start getting closer to order add some syncopation, the semiotic meaning of syncopation in classical music is in fact stress! You might want to put the piece in a different category, I would not classify this as Easy Listening - Classical. Maybe more in the experimental section ;)

Very nice and atmospheric. I would maybe add some gain or something to make the piano part a little richer, because that can really enhance this piece. And maybe some reverb to add om overtones instead of the full stops you have some places. The meditative quality gets a little interrupted with the full stops at 0:39 and 2:01. Would've given you a 4/5, but the sudden texture change in the last minute ruined the chilled feel to this piece imo.

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