Three Artists

2015-01-25 15:50:54 by erlendflatin

I have now uploaded all the cues for the short documentary Three Artists (credits below), a project I worked on in 2014. Three Artists is a documentary showing interviews with three visual artists, all in different stages of their career. The collection of cues include a title track, and a theme for each artist.


Owen Lacey:

David Richards:

Clive Soord:



A film by Alicja Rymarowicz
Produced by Tuva Vestad
Cinematography by Torstein Jacobsen and Elvina Neva
Music by Erlend Flatin


I am Erlend Flatin

2015-01-15 19:00:48 by erlendflatin


My name is Erlend Flatin

I am a composer from Kongsberg, Norway

I have composed music for short fiction films, animations, and documentaries, some of which I will upload here

As well as a passion for music for film and TV, I have a big interest in video game music. So to anyone interested in collaborating on a project, or someone wanting to discuss a related topic, please send me a message. I can also be reached on

Kind regards,

Erlend Flatin